Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hippie Child Terra is at Crazy Horse Trading Co!

Well, well, well! What a day today has been! On Sunday I stopped in at Crazy Horse to check out any new treasures, and I noticed she had a lot of local craft items for sale. So naturally, I asked if she wanted to have my glass jewelry in her shop! She loved my work and told me to come by in a few days to work it out. She ended up buying 10 necklaces and 4 earrings outright to try it out! Yay! This is my first attempt at putting my jewelry in a shop, so I'm pretty excited! Not to mention I got in at seriously the best shop in town! So check out my lovelies with Trisha at Crazy Horse Trading Co. in Roslyn, WA; you will be glad you stopped in!

Be warned: LOTS of pics incoming!!!

Here is right outside Trisha's shop, I love her chippy chair and vintage tray.

Here is my little display! I wasn't able to get a great picture, but you get the idea!

Here is a close up of my new bottle necklaces and a couple new colored ones!

There are two really rad dress forms up there!

I've had my eye on that little spice rack for awhile, but I'm waiting until I reorganize my kitchen!

Love those old bottles!

Trisha always has the best vintage toys!

This toy machine is so rad! I used to use one like it as a kid at Family Fun Center!

Look at these lovely ladies! I especially love the headband on the blue lady.

I always adore Trisha's displays, she is so good at putting stuff together so it all complements each other.

If you love vintage slips, you would love her collection!

I really dig this jewelry display, and the metal girl under it is totally awesome!

It was kinda funny, I said something to Trisha about how I sometimes price my favorite things high because I really like them and am in no hurry to see them leave. Trisha said she does that too, then I pulled this jacket out, drooling, and noticed the high price tag as Trisha says "I just know someone is going to come in and actually snatch that away from me someday!" Let's just hope that someone is me!

Speaking of things I need to snatch up, this hand mirror is on my hot list! I might have my hubby pick it up in a few days if it is still around!

This is one of the best antique typewriters I have seen; it is in perfect shape for its age!

This is Justin's favorite spot in the store. Every time we come in, he heads right to the old records and often is still looking at them when I'm ready to check out!

Her Elvis prints are here, along with old cartoons and comic books!

Check out those boots, yeowza!

Speaking of boots, you should see her awesome shoe collection! I'm always cursing her small sized boots since the ones I want are almost always a size too small!

This had the little fish below hanging in the middle, but I got so excited, I grabbed him down before I took the picture!

Look at that guy! My mom started buying me weird fish things several years ago, so I had to get this guy to add to the family! He is actually a little storage box!

I almost grabbed up this little magazine to use as decor in my craft room.

Love this little lamp! I was pretty tempted by that big button jar too...

This rooster is so boss! Who doesn't need a giant rooster in their home? I know I could use one!

More darling little trinkets and such

This case is full of treasures! How rad are those "Barrel of Monkeys" glasses???
Avert your eyes, children! These old desk calendars are way cool! The one on the left comes with 36 different inserts!

I am so jealous of this jewelry stand

Now heading out; here is the patio. I love the parking meter!

Inviting little steps!

I already tried to buy this planter off her, but like the friendly little gnome, it is not up for adoption.

Don't you love her planter? She keeps her plants looking so happy!
I so love her little rustic bench! I think I could get Justin to build one maybe...
At the end of the day, I just brought the fish home. I'm trying not to bring too many things home right now since we are in a big de-junking stage and I want to get more stuff out first!  I bought theses sexy boots there on Sunday; I was so excited to see some in my size!

Look at those snazzy heels! The zipper is pretty sweet too!
Well, if you made it this far, thanks for following along! Told you there would be a lot of pictures!
Make sure you check out Crazy Horse Trading Co. if you are ever in my area for some great finds!
See you next time!


  1. Oh, wow... so many great items in these photos. I saw many treasures I recognize. Very cool boots.

    So nice stopping by to say Hi.

    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. I devoured every single picture...You are right, that is a seriously cool store, run by someone with obviously great taste! I am so excited for you to get your jewelry in, I predict it will do wonderful, it is such a good fit!!! Congratulations!


    1. Yeah, it's hard not to walk out of there with a pretty light wallet... ;)Thank you for the kind words, I am really excited to be selling there and hope it works out well for Trisha as much as it does for me!