Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hippie Child Terra is at Crazy Horse Trading Co!

Well, well, well! What a day today has been! On Sunday I stopped in at Crazy Horse to check out any new treasures, and I noticed she had a lot of local craft items for sale. So naturally, I asked if she wanted to have my glass jewelry in her shop! She loved my work and told me to come by in a few days to work it out. She ended up buying 10 necklaces and 4 earrings outright to try it out! Yay! This is my first attempt at putting my jewelry in a shop, so I'm pretty excited! Not to mention I got in at seriously the best shop in town! So check out my lovelies with Trisha at Crazy Horse Trading Co. in Roslyn, WA; you will be glad you stopped in!

Be warned: LOTS of pics incoming!!!

Here is right outside Trisha's shop, I love her chippy chair and vintage tray.

Here is my little display! I wasn't able to get a great picture, but you get the idea!

Here is a close up of my new bottle necklaces and a couple new colored ones!

There are two really rad dress forms up there!

I've had my eye on that little spice rack for awhile, but I'm waiting until I reorganize my kitchen!

Love those old bottles!

Trisha always has the best vintage toys!

This toy machine is so rad! I used to use one like it as a kid at Family Fun Center!

Look at these lovely ladies! I especially love the headband on the blue lady.

I always adore Trisha's displays, she is so good at putting stuff together so it all complements each other.

If you love vintage slips, you would love her collection!

I really dig this jewelry display, and the metal girl under it is totally awesome!

It was kinda funny, I said something to Trisha about how I sometimes price my favorite things high because I really like them and am in no hurry to see them leave. Trisha said she does that too, then I pulled this jacket out, drooling, and noticed the high price tag as Trisha says "I just know someone is going to come in and actually snatch that away from me someday!" Let's just hope that someone is me!

Speaking of things I need to snatch up, this hand mirror is on my hot list! I might have my hubby pick it up in a few days if it is still around!

This is one of the best antique typewriters I have seen; it is in perfect shape for its age!

This is Justin's favorite spot in the store. Every time we come in, he heads right to the old records and often is still looking at them when I'm ready to check out!

Her Elvis prints are here, along with old cartoons and comic books!

Check out those boots, yeowza!

Speaking of boots, you should see her awesome shoe collection! I'm always cursing her small sized boots since the ones I want are almost always a size too small!

This had the little fish below hanging in the middle, but I got so excited, I grabbed him down before I took the picture!

Look at that guy! My mom started buying me weird fish things several years ago, so I had to get this guy to add to the family! He is actually a little storage box!

I almost grabbed up this little magazine to use as decor in my craft room.

Love this little lamp! I was pretty tempted by that big button jar too...

This rooster is so boss! Who doesn't need a giant rooster in their home? I know I could use one!

More darling little trinkets and such

This case is full of treasures! How rad are those "Barrel of Monkeys" glasses???
Avert your eyes, children! These old desk calendars are way cool! The one on the left comes with 36 different inserts!

I am so jealous of this jewelry stand

Now heading out; here is the patio. I love the parking meter!

Inviting little steps!

I already tried to buy this planter off her, but like the friendly little gnome, it is not up for adoption.

Don't you love her planter? She keeps her plants looking so happy!
I so love her little rustic bench! I think I could get Justin to build one maybe...
At the end of the day, I just brought the fish home. I'm trying not to bring too many things home right now since we are in a big de-junking stage and I want to get more stuff out first!  I bought theses sexy boots there on Sunday; I was so excited to see some in my size!

Look at those snazzy heels! The zipper is pretty sweet too!
Well, if you made it this far, thanks for following along! Told you there would be a lot of pictures!
Make sure you check out Crazy Horse Trading Co. if you are ever in my area for some great finds!
See you next time!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Christmas in July 2013

Hello again! As promised in the last post, here is my "Christmas in July" project! Like always, I'm waiting until nearly the last minute to get in on the link party, but hey, I made it, right?
Make sure you check out all of the other great projects at My Salvaged TreasuresBliss Ranch, and Knick of Time!

Here is my final project. An upcycled Christmas tree basket thingy with upcycled ornaments and a button garland. Yay for an upcycled Christmas!

So, I suppose we should start where I did, with the tree!

I hadn't actually planned on making a tree or anything, but then I saw this ugly thing at St. Vincent's Thrift Shop for $1.29. I knew I could give it a new life without much work, and it would be perfect for the Christmas craft I was already planning. 

I started with a quick coat of flat white spray paint.

Then I followed it with 2 coats of silver spray paint and 2 coats of spray glitter. Then I followed it with 2 coats of Polycrylic to give it a glossy finish!
Next I started on the fabric ornaments. I didn't buy any supplies for this, so I just used the fabric and ribbon I had. This made me realize I need to go ribbon shopping!

Here is what I started with, besides the modge podge. Some old Christmas balls, fabric, ribbon, and buttons. You will also need some sort of string to hang the ornament.

First, I covered the ball in modge podge. You could skip this step if you don't want the fabric to be permanent.

Then I wrapped some red fabric around the ball.

Pay attention to how the fabric folds look to make sure you like how it is turning out!

Then tie your selected ribbon around the top and knot it. I used some fun ribbon left over from the flower girl baskets at my wedding. Lucky for me, I have 2 rolls of this ribbon!

Next, I added a little flower button I dug out of one of my jars. This had a loop on the back that I neatly cut off with my jewelry nippers. I used my favorite glue, E-6000, to make sure that little guy isn't going anywhere! Then I hung it from my ceiling lights to dry as I made more!
This one was hard to get a good shot of, but really cute! I used fabric from a pretty white shirt that was stained, then used T-shirt yarn for the bow!

This is the same fabric, but on a silver ball and with blue T-shirt yarn and a vintage button. I really like how this one turned out :)
I made 4 like this, the one you saw with the red flower, then 3 with the purple flowers.
This one is my favorite!! I really like the colors and the vintage button really pulls it all together. I only had that tiny piece of pink ribbon that you see here, as I just pulled it off an old gift tag.

So those are the fabric ornaments. The other ornaments I made are made with old paper from books, maps, ect. I attempted to do a time-lapse video for you, but it didn't work out and I didn't take photos as I went since I was so dang sticky from all the modge podge! So, here are just photos of the ones I made!

This one I made with old Christmas wrapping paper. I learned pretty fast that the printing on this will transfer to anything it touches while wet, so instead of applying the modge podge to individual strips, I got my hands dirty and just used my fingers to apply glue to the ball and strips without touching any surfaces. Then I just hung it from my ceiling lights to dry! I also added a paper ribbon to it for a little flair!
This one is made from a cute kids book teaching basic Spanish. I found it more difficult to work with heavy pages like this, smaller paper strips would have helped!

This one actually was from a kids Christmas book! It was a Minnie and Micky Mouse version of that old Christmas story about the girl selling her hair and the boy selling his watch to get each other gifts, but this one was about a bracelet and a harmonica.

I made this one from an old map of Yakima, WA. Hopefully the locals will like the ones made from local maps!

This is my favorite one I made! It is from an old girl scouts camp song book. I added more paper ribbons to this one, I think it adds a nice touch!

I also made a bunch of plain book page ornaments! These are made from trashy old romance novels, since you get them for free alllllll over the place!

Seeing as I don't have photos as I went for the upcycled paper ornaments, I will just explain it real quick. They are pretty basic, but there are a few things that will make then easier and come out better if you know going in!

Start with several strips of whatever paper you are using. Heavy papers work better in smaller strips, but something light like wrapping paper can be in thicker strips. I like to gather my materials from something that would otherwise be thrown out, like the phone book or a damaged book. Get creative! I use regular book pages, sheet music, maps, wrapping paper, tissue paper, vintage magazines, picture books, and anything else I have around!

Next cover the ball in the strips! I like to cover the ball in modge podge and then put the strips on starting on the top and wrapping it around to the other side. I get my hands covered in glue in the process, but I have better results using my hands instead of a brush. When you have covered it up to the original ornament doesn't show though, hand it somewhere to dry. Make sure it is not touching anything, or you may have paper tear off when you take it down!

Then mix some glitter with modge podge, or whatever you are using. Paint the ornament with the glitter mix. Hang to dry again.

If you are happy with the glitter and book coverage, then use a spray sealer, like Polycrylic, to give it a nice glossy finish! Make sure you do 2 coats and hang them to dry completely!

You can also add any embellishments to your ornaments if you want to spice it up! Ribbons, buttons, lace, or other do-dads make great additions!

Since I was getting my Christmas supplies out anyways, I decided to add a few of my other Christmas decorations to make my Christmas in July all the more festive!

Here is my favorite (and the only Christmas decoration I bought last year!) Christmas decoration! The best nutcracker ever! He also got a little glam with s light glitter spray and then a glossy coat!

This little owl my mom sent me this year, he's so cute!

I got this little handmade ornament from a fellow crafter at the Winter Fest craft fair. I like collecting local trinkets to remember the places I've been. When I move I'm sure I will love it even more!

These my mother-in-law sent us for Christmas this past year. She does different crafts all year for gifts. She also sent us the plate in the picture with my nutcracker!

This star is also from a crafter from the craft fair, but it says Roslyn on it, which is the other little town next to us where my husband works.

I've had this little fish ornament for years! My mom got it for me when I was 18 or 19 because she was getting me weird fish things for awhile! Isn't he funny? I love weird and cute trinkets!
Here is my whole set up! I decided to leave it up all July since it looks so fun!

Well, that's my Christmas in July post! Make sure you check out all the other fun Christmas crafts in the link party with My Salvaged Treasures, Bliss Ranch, and Knick of Time!
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