Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rustic & Eclectic Jewelry Displays

Happy Saturday folks! I have been working my butt off making a bunch of displays to use in local shops that are interested in carrying my jewelry. Here is what I came up with:

Here is the first one! It was originally a cheap black plastic frame that someone gave me, and I sprayed it with a very light coat of off-white paint to make it look less cheap. And black. And plastic. I wrapped the back insert thingy in several layers of batting, then covered it in this cool fabric.

Then I glued a ton of old broken jewelry pieces around the frame for a fun, clustery look! For the little pegs, I glued some push-pins into the backing, and then glued vintage buttons onto the pins. Easy peasy, huh?

Here it is with a few necklaces on it! This one is perfect for me to use when I'm doing a craft booth!

I had so much fun making the first one, I had to make more! So I went on a scavenger hunt in my yard for some neat wood to use.

The first piece I found was an old fence post that had been painted white on one side a looong time ago. It looked pretty shabby, so I knew I wouldn't have to paint it and distress it! Justin cut it in half for me, so I have 2 like this! I got a fancy green wood stain and some dark brown wax at the local hardware store. I loved the green stain! Isn't it rad? After I did the stain I made sure to rub the wax into all the grooves to give it a pretty snazzy effect! Then I added 10 hooks in 2 sizes.

After the board was done, I added some burlap from the awesome burlap coffee bags I showed you last post. The burlap is perfect for hanging earrings. The holes are pre-drilled, so a couple quick screws in a wall and you have a jewelry display!

Here is the other half of the fence post.
This one is from another wood piece I salvaged. I did a light coat of white and then painted a layer of teal. Then I just added some dark wax and distressed! I added a few old nails and some more burlap to finish it off.
This came from the bottom of the coffee bag, so its all funky and uneven. Justin made is pretty clear that this is his least favorite because "it's not symmetrical." The end piece where it looks less connected really drove him nuts, lol! I like the whole uneven look though, it's not too perfect looking. Does that sound weird?
Same deal with this one, but I used gray instead of teal. I really like the distressing on this one.
This one is in hunter green. I accidentally put the burlap on the side I wanted to show, so I had to improvise and add a bit of burlap over the staples and then put some old screws over it to hold it in place and hide the staples.

Here's a closer shot of the wood knots and the burlap.
I couldn't get a great picture of this one, which is a bummer cause it's my favorite one! This one had two big nail thingys with rusty washers on it! I did a light coat of white, then did the green stain over that. I added a light coat of red, and then did the dark wax and distressing.

I also added some old hardware from when I switched out the drawer pulls in my kitchen. I like the flair it adds. This one is seriously heavy though!
Here is the last burlap one! Those bags were such a bargain at $2 each; I used one bag on six of the displays and had to cut one piece from another bag for the last one. Plus, I used every single bit of the first bag. This display is from some reclaimed wood in the yard. I added a dusting of white spray paint, then did the stain and wax. 
This bracelet display was a dingy white and falling apart, but a little E-6000 and spray paint really gives it a fresh new life! I used ballet slipper pink for the color. I may add more to it later, but for now it will be perfect for craft booths! That is my second oldest kitty, Mary Jane Watson, behind it. Such a sweetie!
While at St. Vincent's earlier in the week, I got a couple wooden embroidery hoops for $1.59 & $1.99.

First I stained and waxed them since they were brand new, and looked like it! I had an old lace-looking table cloth that worked great in here for displaying earrings.

This is the smaller one. I think I will make more of these because they are so cute and fast to make! No sewing, gluing, and you don't need to paint or distress it if it is older or you don't mind the new looking ones.
I also got these 3 wood frames from St. Vincent for $0.79 each. I painted them all white, and then added thin layers color. This one is actually purple, but I couldn't get the light right for the photo. After I had the color the way I wanted it, I used some dark wax and did some distressing.
After the frames were painted and distressed, I grabbed some yarn from my stash and went to town wrapping them in yarn! I'm planning on using these for earrings, but I think they could work for necklaces too. You would just need to actually latch them onto the yarn.
This one is my favorite! It is using a combo of two yarns that I just wrapped together as one piece.

Here is a close up of the color and the wrapping.
This one is really neat! I had an old door from a guinea pig hutch stashed in the yard, knowing I would have a use for it at some point. I didn't have to do anything to the door besides a couple coats of polycrylic sealer.
Then I found some old branches from around the yard and screwed them to the door.

Here it is with some necklaces on it!
Even my Linky cat was pretty interested in this one :)

I also did just some light spray painting on these, but I'm not  done with them yet. Mainly because I'm just not sure what I want to do yet. Any ideas guys? I'm thinking maybe doing some wire wrapping with beads, maybe finding some grain cloth to weave in between the bars. What do you guys think?
So that is what I've been working on lately! If you are a shop owner that I sent here to look at displays, please let me know which one(s) will work best for your store. I am using some of them for my booth right now, but I am fine with giving up any of the displays I am using currently. Also, if none of these quite work for you, but you want something similar, just let me know and I will see what I can come up with!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. You have really turned on the creative juice and come up with some fun and different jewelry displays! Way to go!

  2. I love your creativity!!!! Tons of fun and TFS!!! hugs...

  3. I was doing some research on Cle Elum and Wenatchee and came across your blog. I was born in Seattle and raised in the Tri Cities. I left for Southern Californa in 1989 and have been stuck here ever since. I'm now at a point in my life that I'm looking to move back up to Washington or Oregon, but I'm looking for small town, not big cities. I'm also looking for a laid back culture that embraces the arts, being eclectic, has vegetarian options and has natural foods stores....and won't act weird if one uses the magical green herb. Living in California, I'm kinda spoiled with regard to that! Reading your blog, it looks like your area seems cool.