Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Meet Terra and Family!

Hello all and welcome to my new blog! I have had a few blogs here and there, but I felt it was time to start from scratch and make a brand new one! So, here we are! I figured it would be best to kick things off with a little introduction on who I am, and what this blog is going to be used for!

This is me. Terra Silvasy. I love animals and nature. I consider myself to be pretty liberal and feel very strongly about legalizing gay marriage, marijuana, preserving nature, and reforming gun laws(that is a really big one to me). I am from San Diego, California but moved a little over a year ago to the teenie tiny town of Cle Elum, Washington. Population of about 1,800. Though the journey started out with our home in National City, CA being foreclosed on, it has been the best move of our life! I had wanted to move out of California since I was a little girl, and I was right thinking I would be happier elsewhere! Though there are some drawbacks to living in a little town (Like the DRAMA! Holy cow, people get up in your business here!), overall we love where we landed and Cle Elum will always hold a warm spot in my heart! I love seeing sometimes more than a dozen deer right outside my yard, bald eagles flying overhead, a huge assortment of lovely birds, and the short walk/bike ride to the river! After living here, I can't imagine ever living somewhere without so much nature!

Here is the love of my life, Justin Silvasy.  Being with Justin is like living in a fairy tale world, he is certainly my kind of prince charming! I never thought I could find someone who is so like me where it counts, but different in ways that compliment me amazingly! We both knew almost instantly that we never wanted to be apart, and it wasn't long before we owned a home together and starting working on building my beautiful ring! This particular photo is actually not from our actual wedding, it is from a photo shoot I did when I was modeling more often. Farther down you can see a couple photos from the actual big day! Speaking of the big day, we actually had two! Although the first wedding was kinda a big secret, it is slowing being discovered now!

During the wedding planning, things got nuts with all the crazy wedding drama and we were feeling a little like it wasn't really about us anymore, especially as the wedding drew closer. So when it came time to get our marriage license, we decided to just get married! The day we chose, of course, was 420! It was just us and our dear friend, Todd, as the witness! That was just the thing we both needed to feel like we could take on the big day and anything it may bring!

The big wedding was 3 weeks later, on Friday the 13th, May 2011. It was a pretty casual wedding on a beautiful lake in Lakeside, CA. The photobooth was certainly the biggest hit! It was a splurge for us at $1000 for 6 hours, but well worth it in the end! We bought lots of fun props and that booth was full ALL NIGHT! I think only 1 or 2 people didn't end up getting in on the action! To anyone planning a wedding, seriously, go for the photobooth, even if something else has to be cut back a little. Seeing all your friends and family of all ages and backgrounds having fun together in silly costumes is just a memory you want to look back on again and again! Plus, it's a really fun way to do your guest book! Everyone signs their message next to their photos!

Well, I think I've rambled on for long enough about the wedding, dontcha think?

Moving on! So, here we are in Washington with our 16 cats and 2 dogs, plus about 30 guinea pigs, 2 rabbits, 6 ducks, and 4 chickens. I work from home doing craft projects and selling items online. I also do craft fairs when they are available, and the best one yet is coming up next month! In Roslyn, which is the town 3 miles over, they have the Roslyn Sunday Market every year from June to September. It is super popular and really a rad place to check out! Last year we went almost every Sunday to get local produce and unique handmade goods! Well, this year, we are going to be vendors! What fun! I am really excited as this will be the biggest and most long running fair I've done! I am getting ready making jewelry and upcycled goods!
Besides that, I spend my time at home trying to conquer the never ending mess that comes with being a crazy cat lady. I have been trying to redo one area at a time in ways that should make life easier, which is alot of what I want to share with YOU! I make my own cleaning supplies, and also my own skin care products. We have been working on making our lives as green and free from chemicals and other unnatural junk for some time now, and we are pretty much all green and homemade now! And you know what? All the homemade stuff has worked better than the old store bought crap! I'm sold!

The next step in our lives is to move to Canada! As much as I enjoy living in Cle Elum, it was never intended to be permanent. I've got a gypsy soul and feel the need to move around and experience life in as many ways as I can. As someone who studies psychology, (or maybe this is why I'm so interested in psychology) I have a strong desire to experience and gain understanding of many different ways of life. Plus, I get ants in my pants if I stay in one place too long; I gotta roam!!! So, the plan it to move not only to Canada, but to the east coast of Canada! We have our sights currently set on Nova Scotia, but we always keep our options and our minds open until we actually find the exact place we plan to live. From there, we hope to move to Iceland for a while, then maybe get a houseboat and check out Europe and other coastal areas on the continent that we could explore! But for now, all we are working on is getting to Canada, and we will see where life takes us from there!

Well, I think I've gone on about all of this long enough. This ended up being a tad longer than I had planned, but hey, it's me. I get carried away! Stay tuned for actual blog tutorials and the like!

Oh, and I thought I might leave you with something to make you smile! I know this one always works for me!!!